News: Travel and Transport in Moseley

Public Realm, Planning & Infrastructure including Moseley Village Train Station

More at the meeting on 31st Jan.

A) Stations Update

The stations are progressing with more information and drop in sessions described here: Camp Hill line stations ( &

B) LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood)

Phase 2 of the Places for People Scheme, which is the council’s name for our LTN scheme, goes to the Council’s cabinet meeting shortly.

The Cabinet Paper press release is here: Creating better environments for communities | Birmingham City Council and the paper itself is here.

More Here: Kings Heath and Moseley | Places for People | Birmingham City Council

The Moseley Forum has sent a letter to the Council’s Cabinet Members.

C) Cycle lanes

The council is planning to bring more cycle lanes through Moseley. More here:

Cannon Hill park to Moseley cycle route – Birmingham City Council – Citizen Space (

Moseley local centre public consultation – Birmingham City Council – Citizen Space (

D) Bike docking stations

New “Beryl Bikes” docking stations are expected soon in Moseley village.

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