Final Moseley Community Submission to the Boundary Commission re: Ward Boundary Review

Please see attached PDF files below for our Community submission and related appendices. Unfortunately you will notice some of the appendices are missing currently as we cannot get them to upload but they are as follows:

Appendix 7: Moseley Society Members’ Map
Appendix 9: Moseley Farmers’ Market 1 Mile Catchment area map
Appendix 16: Wake Green Road Resident’s Submission (East side of Moseley)
Appendix 17: Greenhill Road Resident’s Submission (South West side of Moseley)

If you would like a copy of the above appendices, we can email one or all of them to you. Please make a request via

Submitted by Rob Kewley on Sat, 20/02/2016 – 23:59

Attachment Size
LGBCE Birmingham Moseley Ward submission by the Moseley Community Groups 8 Feb 2016 494.76 KB
Appendix 1 Map of Moseley Ward proposed by Moseley Communities 5.49 MB
Appendix 2 Elector Estimates for proposed Moseley Ward 182.72 KB
Appendix 3 Map for the Moseley Supplementary Document D 907660Plan 1009.41 KB
Appendix 4 Video Evidence for Public Meeting voting and Moseley Community involvement 390.31 KB
Appendix 5 Map showing Kings Heath, Billesley and Brandwood Wards in relation to Moseley 457.97 KB
Appendix 6 Map showing the Eastern wards in relation to Moseley 1.11 MB
Appendix 8 Moseley Farmers Market Catchment within South Birmingham 534.74 KB
Appendix 10 Outlets for Moseley B13 Community Magazine 5.8 MB
Appendix 11 The LGBCE Public Meeting Attendees Map 331.04 KB
Appendix 12 Moor Green Residents Association (West side of Moseley) 235.64 KB
Appendix 13 Sarehole Residents Association (East side of Moseley) 227.08 KB
Appendix 14 Anderton Park Residents Association (NE side of Moseley) 291.8 KB
Appendix 15 Moseley Society Submission 150.63 KB



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