Constituency Boundaries review – Your opinion counts!

Constituency Boundaries Proposal: Moseley to be split up again!

This year local groups, businesses and individuals successfully challenged proposed local authority ward boundaries, but now our attention needs to turn to MP’s constituency boundaries. This fight is about who will represent you in 2018 in Parliament.

The main points are:

  • The Boundary Commission for England (which is a different body from the one that dealt with ward changes) proposes that the new Moseley ward would be represented by 3 MPs! 
  • The MP for most of Moseley would be shared with Northfield, Longbridge, Rednal, Rubery, Frankley, Bournville and Cotteridge. Part of North Moseley would belong to Sparkbrook and East Moseley to Sparkhill
  • We’d be in the far end of a long sausage shape that bears no relation to communities, travel connections or anything else. See the red line on map 1
  • To get from one end to the other would take 1 hr 25 mins using 2 buses and walking either end
  • To see your MP at a surgery could be impossible or extremely difficult as it could take 4 hours including seeing them. Most surgeries would be inaccessible to most residents at any one time, making this constituency ‘undemocratic’

 [map 1] 

  • With the Moseley Community Groups’ proposal, the maximum distance would be 4.4 miles and because of the public transport would only take 24 minutes from end to the other. See the blue line on map 1
  • It would include ALL of the Moseley and all of the current Hall Green Constituency and would have 77,226 residents, within the criteria for the Boundary Commission.



[map 2] 

  • Our proposals are part of a suggested plan for the whole of Birmingham. (See map 2). The boundaries are a bit difficult to see but they work in terms of size, has least disruption of current constituencies and is a better representation of communities and has a greater degree of accessibility within each proposed constituency. Click on the following link:


We won’t bore you with the details but please read on as to how you can simply help stop this daft (sorry ‘draft’) concoction by the Boundary Commission.

So Moseley needs you to …

  • go to the BCE website
  • Type in your postcode
  • Click on the tab “Have your say” on the right
  • It will then ask you to click on Moseley on the map
  • Complete your details and comments using our arguments and any others that you might think of AND download the map/maps

This must be done by December 6 2016.

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