Victory for the Moseley community in the Ward Boundary recommendations debacle!

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England and Wales published their revised draft recommendations earlier this month following an outpouring of responses from the local community to their original recommendations.

We were delighted to see that almost all of our proposals were met but some areas didn’t fit our proposals:

  • They gave Sarehole Mill, pond and field to Hall Green in the East
  • They put the cul-de-sacs off Green Road into Sparkbrook for some reason (in the East)
  • They drew boundaries along the middle of roads whereas we had said the boundary should be drawn so that houses on both sides belong to the same Ward
  • They also followed the polling district boundary to the NE giving us Brighton Rd (South side) and Balsall Heath Park
  • They gave us back Dad’s Lane (North side)

So an amazing, well-earned victory for the people of Moseley but we still have some minor skirmishes to fight in order to be assured of complete victory for all our people.

We’ll be in discussions with Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Forum as to how we can support them to give them back their park!


Submitted by Rob Kewley on Wed, 25/05/2016 – 17:31

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