Moseley Forum Safeguarding Policy

This is the statement of what we will do to look after the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults who take part in whatever way in the work of the forum.



By children and young people we mean people who are under 18.

By ‘vulnerable adults’ we mean people who are 18 or older and who may be unable to take care of themselves or unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation because of their disability, age or illness.

By the ‘forum’ we mean Moseley Forum as a whole, the committee elected by forum members and officers and anyone else appointed by the forum to carry out tasks on its behalf.



The forum is committed to making sure that children, young people and vulnerable adults that are involved in any way in the work of the forum will be treated with respect and that the forum will take reasonable steps to keep them from harm.  We will follow relevant guidance issued by the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board ( ) and the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (



The forum will not undertake activities which are regulated by statute law in respect of safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.  This means that the forum will not regularly undertake unsupervised activities such as teaching, training, instructing, caring for, or supervising children, young people or vulnerable adults.  The forum will not provide regular advice sessions on well-being or transport unsupervised young people or children or vulnerable adults.

The forum welcomes the involvement of children, young people and vulnerable adults in all of its activities.  The forum will discharge its common law duty of care towards children, young people and vulnerable adults in our community by:

  • listening carefully to them and showing them respect
  • sharing information about child protection and good practice with forum members, other neighbourhood forums and other groups in our neighbourhood
  • sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know
  • appointing one of the Committee to be safeguarding officer who will have responsibility for advising the forum on safeguarding issues and guidance.

The Chair and member of the Committee with responsibility for Safeguarding will ensure that the forum reviews this policy and our practice in relation to it at least once a year.


Adopted by the Committee on:   27th July 2015