Moseley Forum Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Moseley Forum Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Moseley Forum’s aim is to enable residents to come together through meetings (and online) to discuss local issues, share information and meet with elected representatives, officers responsible for delivering public services and other agencies affecting the quality of life in Moseley.


Moseley Forum Equal Opportunities Statement

The Forum is committed to the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of gender, nationality, race, disability, marital status, sexuality, colour, religion, age, etc.


The Forum will seek to ensure that participation in the running of any activities associated with promotion of the Moseley area, through the Forum, will be free from any such discrimination. Particular regard will therefore be paid to the venue and timing of meetings to enable participation.


The Forum strives to improve the quality of life for all the people of the Forum area. When making representations to statutory bodies the Forum will pay regard to the impact of those

representations on ALL sections of the Community.


Moseley Forum Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Moseley Forum recognises that certain groups and individuals in society suffer discrimination.  We are committed to upholding the values of openness and inclusivity; challenging discrimination; and assisting all who reside within Moseley Forum’s area to participate.


  1. Statement of intent

1.i We will meet the requirements of relevant equalities legislation and where possible will demonstrate good practice.


1.ii We will champion participation from the broad range of people that live in the forum area.


1.iii We recognise that barriers exist that can prevent people from getting involved.  We will work to address such barriers wherever possible, and make reasonable adjustments where required.


  1. Implementation


2.i The Committee

We will seek to reflect the diversity of residents in our area in the make-up of the Moseley Forum committee.  The committee will be responsible for ensuring that the equal opportunities policy is implemented, monitored and reviewed.


2.ii Forum Activities

Moseley Forum aims to make its activities inclusive and accessible to all residents. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • ensuring that activities take place in venues and premises which are accessible to disabled people
  • developing different methods of communication, for example online as well as printed media
  • ensuring that the design of media and publicity material takes account of the needs of disabled people both in terms of print, format, and information on access
  • encouraging people from underrepresented groups to attend and participate ensuring that the committee is contactable between meetings through public sharing of email / telephone number


2.iii  Membership

Moseley Forum will take all reasonable steps within its resources to enable everyone who is eligible for membership and who wishes to participate in its activities to do so


  1. Discrimination or harassment

Moseley Forum will deal with any breaches of this policy through a complaints procedure.


  1. Monitoring and review

Moseley Forum will monitor the types of people involved in forum activities and in the governance of the group, in order to test whether the policy is working.


  1. Adoption

This policy was formally adopted by Moseley Forum on: Date: 27th July 2015