Moseley Forum Data Protection Statement



In drawing up this statement we have referred to the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office, specifically Data Protection Good Practice Note: the exemption from notification for ‘not-for-profit’ organisations.


It should be noted that all residents of Moseley are members of the Forum and that all public and committee meetings are open to all members and other stakeholders.


Role of Moseley Forum

Moseley Forum runs public meetings enabling residents and others to raise issues of local concern, as well as running a publicly accessible website and holding regular committee meetings open to the public.


During the course of carrying out its remit Moseley Forum may collect and use contact information about stakeholders, residents and other individuals with whom it has come into contact. We recognize that this information must be dealt with properly however it is collected – whether on paper, in a computer, or recorded on other material- and that this is important to maintaining confidence between those with whom we deal and ourselves.


This does however need to be balanced by the transparency that good practice requires of the Moseley Forum committee in all its dealings.


Public Meetings

When contact details and email addresses are collected at meetings those signing are requested to tick a box agreeing to Moseley Forum recording and sharing these details for purposes compatible with its work. These records are the responsibility of the Chair working with the Secretary.


Committee Meetings

Moseley Forum minutes are publicly available on its website. Moseley Forum committee members also conduct a significant amount of business electronically between meetings. Once again we adhere to high standards of transparency.  Our policy is that committee members conducting committee business may forward emails to non committee members with the Vice Chair or Chair’s permission.


All Moseley Forum business is subject to external scrutiny and in the spirit of openness the Forum’s policy is to ensure that the views of interested residents coming by email into the Forum or in to a committee member of the Forum between meetings will be circulated to members and others with a legitimate interest.  Where an individual has specifically requested anonymity, care will be taken to ensure this is maintained.  However the Forum’s work being public in nature our policy is to facilitate the exchange of views between residents and stakeholders, rather than to act as gatekeepers.


Review and Audit

We believe our policy reflects good community engagement practice and contributes to good community relations. This policy will be reviewed every two years (or sooner if new legislation, codes of practice or national standards are to be introduced).


This Data Protection Statement was adopted by Moseley Forum on 17 /05/2011