Moseley Statue Group

Moseley Statue Group is planning the erection on the Moseley Village Green of a statue in the form of an Ent – namely the character Treebeard from the book: Lord of the Rings & its film adaptation – in honour of the book’s writer & one-time local resident, J. R. R. Tolkien. The statue will be designed & crafted by Tolkien’s great-nephew, local artist Tim Tolkien.

ent statue

The plan is for Treebeard to be striding through the trees in the direction of Moseley Bog & Sarehole Mill across a bed of leaves set in recycled green resin grass.

Planning permission for the project has now been given. To finance this project, the Statue Group are offering 30 large bronze leaves and 400 smaller leaves, 100 of which will be sold locally and 300 by auction on e-Bay on which you can have your name, your family, your organisation, or whatever engraved.

The large bronze leaves will be individually crafted by Tim Tolkien the artist, although there may be space for a few more. These are now being sold at £2,000 each, as there are so few. They will not be on e-Bay.

The first hundred are being sold locally for £225 each. They can be bought from Marcus Galleries in the centre of Moseley on the Alcester Road, (10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday). They can also be bought over the phone by credit card:

+44 (0)121 442 0620.

These will be on sale until they’re all sold, though they may be withdrawn once the e-Bay sale starts in a few weeks.