Moseley Society


The Moseley Society is an Amenity Society as part of the Civic Trust and is registered as a charity.

In recent decades Moseley has come under great pressure for further development, not always in keeping with the character of the area. The Moseley Society, a registered charity, was formed in 1979 in response.

The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To conserve and enhance the built, natural and historic environment of Moseley
  • To monitor and respond to development issues in Moseley
  • To increase understanding of Moseley’s geography, history, natural history and architecture
  • To liaise with the City Council, the Police and other relevant organisations
  • To work with other voluntary and community bodies in Moseley

To engender a sense of community and to encourage residents to participate in caring for Moseley and supporting its cultural activities.

You will find further information about the history of Moseley and the activities of the Society on their website.