Moseley Interfaith Group

Moseley Interfaith Group is a group drawn from the religious organisations of the area to develop mutual knowledge and respect so as to withstand bigotry & prejudice, because complacency & uninformed tolerance is not enough to defeat these issues.

For many years in Moseley, the Christian and Muslim communities have lived ‘in parallel’ – as indeed have other faith groups.

In September 2001, neighbourly links were forged between senior members of the Hamza Mosque and a group of Christian ministers from local Anglican, Methodist, and Roman Catholic churches, then later with the United Reformed.

Firstly, this was on an informal basis and then as Moseley Inter-faith Group, meeting at the Moseley Community Development Trust.

Gradually the Group has expanded to include representatives of the Buddhist, Jewish, and Baha’i faiths.

Members of the faith communities in Moseley have been meeting regularly to get to know each other and to work together for a better understanding between our faith groups, and the welfare of our neighbourhood and city.

The Interfaith Group runs a programme of activities focusing on getting to know one another and so understand each other’s faith better. In establishing these friendly relations, there is the hope of making a small – but significant – contribution to the general well-being of Moseley and the wider city.

Joint meetings are held regularly to broaden mutual understanding, based on a wide range of subjects, including topics such as pilgrimage, fasting, and charity. Regular invitations are given to each other’s worship centres – along with visits to other Inter-faith Groups – as well as taking a strong role in participating as part of the Moseley Festival.

The participating organisations are:

  • Birmingham Buddhist Centre
  • Hamza Mosque & Islamic Centre
  • Hare Krishna Temple
  • Moseley Baha’i Community
  • Moseley Road Methodist Church
  • Moseley Synagogue at King David School
  • St Columba United Reformed Church
  • St John & St Martin’s Roman Catholic Church
  • St Mary’s Church of England

To get in contact with the InterFaith Group, please e-mail: