Moseley Community Development Trust

Moseley Community Development Trust is an independent charity & company. It was founded in 2001 as a joint venture by both the Moseley Forum and the Moseley Society with help from the Moseley & District Churches Housing Association.

The Moseley C.D.T. is a community enterprise organisation. The aim of Moseley C.D.T. is to lead the regeneration of the neighbourhood through social, economic and environmental projects for Moseley’s diverse communities. It looks for practical answers to local problems and aim to achieve sustainable solutions.

It is a member of the Development Trusts Association.


At its founding, the Moseley C.D.T. – through a grant fund – purchased the building, which is now called the Moseley Exchange. This imposing inter-war building was occupied by the old telephone exchange – from where the new name derives – and more recently the old Moseley job centre, and still houses to this date, the Moseley Post Office.

As the owner of the Post Office building, it operates the first two floors as a community centre, with rooms for hire and offers support for the public as a source of local information.

Moseley Exchange entrance 160sq

A number of other businesses & organisations are based or operate offices on the top floor of the Exchange, including:

Moseley Community Development Trust
The Post Office Building
149-153, Alcester Road,
Moseley, Birmingham
B13 8JP

Tel: 0121 449 6060 or 0121 449 8585
Fax: 0121 449 1232