Chantry Road & Park Hill Residents Association

Chantry Road & Park Hill Residents Association has been active since 1965. It represents the residents of the two roads when considering Planning Applications for the immediate neighbourhood. Also, it organises a number of social events & sporting activities each year.

The Aims of the Association are:

  1. To promote & encourage the improvement and conservation of Chantry Road, Park Hill and the surrounding area;
  2. To encourage community spirit.

All who live in Chantry Road or Park Hill are eligible to become members subject to payment of an annual subscription.

Main Committee

The Main Committee of the Association meets throughout the year, usually on the first Wednesday of each month. It discusses Planning Applications, oversees the income & expenditure of the Association, and provides a regular forum for discussion of local issues.

The committee reports to members of the association at an Annual General Meeting in the spring of each year. Members of the committee for the following year are elected at that meeting.

Members of the committee for 2006/2007 are:

  • Neal Williams (Chairman)
  • Pam Rutter (Secretary)
  • Angela Blackwood
  • Roger Bloxsom
  • Catriona Crombie
  • Jane Fensome
  • Shantavira
  • Mike Wolffe – Chairman of the Social Committee (ex-officio member)
  • Joy Stanton – representative of St Anne’s Court residents (ex-officio member)

The Association issue a regular newsletter – The Thunderer – delivered to all properties in the roads.

Social Committee

There is a Social Committee that is responsible for organising a number of social events during the year for residents of the two roads. These vary slightly from year to year, but include such events as:

  • Fun runs
  • Treasure hunts
  • Cricket matches
  • Barn dances
  • Quiz nights
  • Skittles evenings
  • Christmas music hall nights

Members of the Social Committee for 2006/2007 are:

  • Mike Wolffe (Chairman)
  • Dave Rutter (Secretary)
  • Hilary Bloxsom
  • Kate Clowes
  • Richard Crombie
  • Kathryn Farrow
  • Adrian Randall