Crime & Policing in Moseley – Tuesday 24th October

Crime & Policing

The next Moseley Forum meeting is on Tuesday 24th October 2023 with the main theme on Crime & Policing in Moseley. It is an Open Meeting for all those who live, work or trade in Moseley.

Crime & Policing is a hot topic for many residents and businesses and this is an opportunity to highlight our key concerns to West midlands Police so they can help us to feel safer.

On the agenda we have updates from police and related spokespeople. There will also be an update on the Moseley PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) which is intended to help tackle anti-social behaviour locally.


Register of attendance, apologies & conflicts of interest
Privacy Statement
2Minutes of previous meeting Committee meeting 5th September ‘23
3Introduction to Guests:
Neil Kirkpatrick West Midlands Police Local Inspector
Chris Gallon               West Midlands Police          Local Sargent
Simon Foster              West Midlands Police         Crime and Policing Commissioner Representative           Birmingham City Council    Community Safety Partnership
 Opening Remarks  
 Tabled Questions on;
1) Anti-social behaviour including the PSPO
2) Anti-social behaviour with regards to Motoring
3) Speeding
4) Parking
5) Crime in general
6) Visibility of Policing
 Questions from the Floor
4Closing Remarks
6Matters for the urgent attention of Moseley Forum
8Meeting close

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