Moseley Forum responds to proposals for new Moseley Railway Station

The most important development to affect Moseley for a generation has finally gone to planning and we need you to respond!

As most of you will know by now, the Planning Application (2020/03676/PA) has been submitted.  There are a staggering 49 documents which you can access via this link:

Take a look and then comment using this link:

The plans and reports are long, as you might expect, but look for the Design & Access Statement for the scheme overview (it’s a PowerPoint file). The other documents of key interest are: 

  1. Supporting letter (especially the last part showing OUR plans)
  2. Proposed 4-way traffic lights at the access junction: signal-controlled junction arrangements 394855-MMD-MOS-ZZ-DR-R-HW-0002
  3. proposed general arrangement 394855-MMD-MOS-GF-DR-R-LP-0003
  4. sections and elevations sheet 1 of 4 394855-MMD-MOS-ZZ-DR-R-LP-0001
  5. sections and elevations sheet 2 of 4 394855-MMD-MOS-ZZ-DR-R-LP-0002
  6. sections and elevations sheet 3 of 4 394855-MMD-MOS-ZZ-DR-R-LP-0003
  7. sections and elevations sheet 4 of 4 394855-MMD-MOS-ZZ-DR-R-LP-0004
  8. landscaping general arrangement 394855-MMD-MOS-GF-DR-R-AR-0001

You need to know that Moseley Forum, supported by the other Moseley groups such as the Moseley Society and Regen group, have worked with Phil Jones Associates to produce our own plans for the Station forecourt and access junction. See the Moseley B13 Magazine article for our proposals and the Supporting Letter. These are the Forum’s proposals:


We have refused to accept the WMRE designs of 4-way traffic lights for the junction with St Mary’s Row and Oxford Rd outside M&S, on grounds of causing increasing pollution from idling traffic, congestion and it being an eyesore. Our plans propose a roundel to create smoother traffic flows and the station forecourt to come into the junction by the use of common materials. These will hopefully be added to the scheme in place of the traffic lights. 

So please comment on the following key points plus any of your own concerns or likes. 

  1. Yes – we want a railway station!
  2. What you think of their proposal for traffic lights at the junction of the station access, St Mary’s Row and Oxford Rd
  3. What you think of our proposals of a roundel for this 
  4. Do we need to a bus stop going East opposite M&S so as to provide a proper public transport hub?
  5. Do we need a drop off on the station forecourt? (There is definitely no car parking so it’s either yes or no!)
  6. Do we need a cycle lane up to the station? Our proposals have it, theirs don’t
  7. There is no access to the station from Woodbridge Rd due to the slope being too steep and cost. We have argued for space to be left for lifts to be installed when funding becomes available. This is called ‘passive design’

We urge you to support the application on the understanding that the Moseley Forum’s plans for the alternative “access arrangement” is adopted. You have to do this before 26th June 2020.

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